Patterns in Nature

Jo has released her latest art collection which includes paintings, prints, cushions and  scarves inspired by patterns in nature. 

Art and nature have held my fascination my entire life. A common thread that has become more apparent in my work is the recurring theme of Patterns in Nature. Latest artworks are increasingly about my love of finding and painting the patterns I see around me on my many walks.

The colours, placement of tones and shapes form beautiful compositions that, thanks to my textile design background, I sometimes turn into repeat patterns. I see nature through my artist’s eyes. Generally, I am inspired wherever I go. It amazes me how I can go for a walk and have inspiration for a brand new collection. If only I had the time!

Many of my social media posts are about what I notice on my walks, the patterns I see and the natural forms that I forage on my travels.: the joy of seaweed on a beach, the pattern traces left on a fence where the ivy has been removed, autumn leaves on a woodland floor. As a result, my pockets are always stuffed full with my finds.

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