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Jo Sharpe runs art classes and workshops for children of all ages and abilities at local schools in Surrey and from her art studio at Oaks park. These clubs are called Budding Artists. Jo also runs a STEM club called CATS Club.

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two girls holding up their reed sculpture

Budding Artists is an after school art club for children of all abilities who love drawing and painting. During each exciting lesson, pupils produce an artwork. Students will learn about and take inspiration from the great masters of art and learn to draw and paint and use a variety of different media. Projects often relate to seasonal events. You can book a Budding Artists Club for children in the next section below. 

CATS CLUB is a stem after school club for children of all abilities. Children can create art and crafts that are heavily focussed on science and technology. Throughout the term, children learn through active engagement about different methods of construction, use of various materials, engage with scientific words and understand why certain materials are used whilst applying core skills such as teamwork, problem solving and resilience in the process. 

We also supply CATS Club holiday and educational workshops. If you like CATS Club to come to your school to bring a topic to life, then get in touch with Jo from the contacts page. 

Art Workshops take place during the school holidays and at weekends at various locations eg local libraries or at Jo’s studio in Oaks Park. These workshops can be booked below. 

Children’s Parties In addition to our classes and workshops, we also run children’s parties for all ages. We run both budding artists and CATS parties which are a big hit with local children.
More information on our parties can be found on our parties page. 

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Jo runs Budding Artists and CATS Club. These are creative after school clubs for primary aged children. Budding Artists is an art club and CATS (Craft, Art, Technology and Science) Club is a STEM club. Workshops take place during the holidays and at weekends.

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Schools - Budding Artists

Children's after school art club

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Schools - CATS Club

Children's after school STEM club for primary schools

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Art Workshops

Weekends and holidays for primary aged children

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Jo was very friendly and she welcomed us into her new studio. The girls felt as if they were real artists when they used a variety of paints, pencils, pastels and crayons to create some unique pictures. Jo encouraged them to mix interesting colour combinations to create their own still life compositions. They were inspired by the pretty flowers on the table and the autumn scenery of the park that surrounded them. Jo was able to give them some great tips on how to improve their basic drawing skills. She tailored the activities to suit the age group and the theme. Everyone had fun learning how to make bath bombs and choosing their favourite colour to go into the mix. I would highly recommend booking if you love art and wish to experience the calmness of the studio. It has been my daughter’s favourite party to date. Thank you Jo

Jo - mum to Grace

Lily loved the club, her drawings of cats are much improved and she told us that you also had a look at artists’ drawings. I am impressed, this club seems to be very well done, thank you!

Budding Artists

I love Budding Artists because it means that I can relax and draw with my friends after school. It makes me feel happy and I bring home lovely work to show to my mum

Henry De Maria
Budding Artists Y4

It's really fun, you do really interesting stuff and you learn about different art and artists.

Budding Artists

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loves your class, her art has changed dramatically since joining art club

Budding Artists

Thank you for another brilliant inspirational term. You are the most fantastic teacher. The only problem is that I've nearly finished another sketchbook. I seem to be averaging one per term. Your classes are seriously addictive: to do more art!

Budding Artists

Thanks again for a fabulous morning. The length of the session was just right, the activities adapted so well to a range of ages and abilities. and you were both fantastic with the kids. They loved it and I loved it!

Alice (Young Carers, Kingston)
CATS Club workshop

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