Abstract Botanical Wild flowers and grasses in Oaks Park 80cm x 80cm


This painting is completely original and was in Satachi’s top pics for June 2019. It comes from a photograph I took last summer whilst walking my dog. I love Nature and I was inspired by the variety of wild fauna that had been planted to attract butterflies and bees in the chalky grassland in my local park, Oaks Park where I also have my studio. The colours are striking yet the background colour is neutral. The painting can be bought in affordable instalments. It is also available to order with different coloured backgrounds and in various sizes as prints from 30x30cm to 50cmx50cm and available as a canvas print. which makes it more affordable.  Should you require any further information, please get in touch.


Jo Sharpe’s Contemporary Botanical Paintings

This contemporary abstract botanical wild flowers painting forms part of my botanical paintings range. These paintings have been developed over time using creativity, innovation, several artistic skills and the latest digital technology.

These paintings have developed from my botanical prints. This collection started  in 2016 with a series inspired by Cornish hedgerows. This series of digitally manipulated art prints are really beautiful, show my love of nature and quite different from my paintings. Recently I decided to develop these by turning them into large paintings. Therefore, my contemporary botanical paintings are digitally manipulated photographs, that have been printed onto canvas and hand painted with several layers of acrylic or oil paints. Sometimes I hand paint over everything and other times I just paint the background. Often 3 coats of paint needs to be applied.

These paintings are original works of art that alongside my Bespoke Art Cushions cushions look fantastic in interiors. Using my textile design background I have created a coordinated range of home furnishings that match this gorgeous painting that will make your home look interior designed. I love beautiful interiors and I am happy to accept special orders changing the size and colour to suit clients tastes.

Oaks Park

Oaks park is situated on the chalky North Surrey Downs . It is about 10 minutes walk from my home and where my studio is so I have the pleasure of walking around it often.  It  is incredibly beautiful in the summer due to the wonderful summer meadow planted by the conservation group The Downlands Trust.

Giclee Prints

My abstract botanical wild flowers painting is available as an limited edition giclee print. It can be ordered in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets. It is printed locally by STR Design and Print and so please allow a few days from order.  The print is created using Epson archival pigmented inks printed onto heavyweight matt 230gsm paper. The print can also be accompanied by a genuine signed certificate of authenticity by artist Jo Sharpe. Jo would also be very happy to discuss framing options with you.

Additional information


Oil painting (80x80cm), giclee print 30x30cm, giclee print 40x40cm, 80×80 canvas print

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