Close up of Lavender 20 x 40cm

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Living close to the lavender fields of Carshalton is brilliant. My studio in Oaks Park is in the field opposite Mayfield Lavender and it is lovely to turn the corner and see the purple field and how many tourists attracts every year. Every year I walk around the field and take photos and every year I try to capture the fields in my own unique way. Feel free to pop by the studio and ask to see all my other lavender paintings and local scenes. I am inspired by walks in my local area every day. This painting is currently on sale.


Painting of Mayfield lavender

I painted this close up of Lavender a few years ago. Every year I tackle painting the lavender in a new style or view.

The Lavender Fields

This painting of Mayfield lavender was inspired by Mayfield lavender fields close to Carshalton where I live. They attract a huge crowd every year in the months of June -September. It is really worth visiting but I think the best time to come is when Carshalton Artists Open Studios is on.  You would really have a fantastic weekend, combining art with nature! 


Carshalton is a village in South London. It is one of the London boroughs and it is considered the greenest borough. It is also home to the Sutton Ecology Centre, and every year an environmental fair is held in Carshalton Park to the south of the village.

Located 9.5 miles (15.1 km) south-southwest of Charing Cross. It is situated in the valley of the River Wandle, one of the sources of which is Carshalton Ponds in the middle of the village.[2]. The main focal point, Carshalton Village, is visually scenic and picturesque. At its centre it has two adjoining ponds, which are overlooked by the Grade II listed All Saints Church. The Grade II listed Honeywood Museum sits on the west side, a few yards from the water.  In addition to Honeywood Museum, there are several other cultural features in Carshalton, including the Charles Cryer Theatre and an art gallery in Oaks Park

Carshalton has very chalky soil which is perfect for growing lavender. There are also the Carshalton Lavender fields and allotments which is a small organic lavender field cooperative.

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