Shimmering light seascape painting – Original oil painting 80x80cm


This original painting is has been painted using oils . It is a strong, powerful painting with neutral colours and lots of texture. You would be welcome to view the painting at my studio by appointment and you can also try before you buy.


Inspired to paint Shimmering light seascape painting

I had a most enjoyable holiday in August 2019 staying close to Priory Beach on the north east coast of Isle of Wight. It is one of the quieter beaches on the island and joins on Seaview. I found the beach so inspiring as the colours changed very much depending on the time of day. Sometimes the sea was a pale blue and sometimes it appeared white. I especially loved the shimmering light on beach. The light reflecting on the water in the sunlight often made the beach looked silver . I could not wait to paint it, thus ordered my paints online so I was able to paint as soon as I returned.

Mixed Media Technique

Although this painting is not, I often produce my seascapes by mixing medias such as oil pastels, wax  and acrylic paints. It works well especially when trying to imitate water. I enjoy creating different surface pattern textures. It is one of my idiosyncrasies. I learnt to do this on my degree course in printed Textile Design at Leeds University. If you are local and interested in learning about this technique I run a mixed media art workshop in September from my studio in Oaks Park called Art in the Park.


Available as a Giclee Print

The  Shimmering light seascape painting can also be ordered as an limited edition giclee print or a canvas print. This makes it available to buy in a variety of sizes to suit all budgets. The giclee prints are ‘fine art prints’ printed locally by STR Design and Print and so please allow a few days from order.  The print is created using Epson archival pigmented inks printed onto heavyweight matt 230gsm paper. The print can also be printed onto large canvasses.  Jo would also be very happy to discuss framing options with you.


Additional information


30x30cm Giclee Print, Framed 30x30cm giclee print, Canvas print 80x120cm