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Jo Sharpe has been selling her art through the renowned online art gallery Saatchi for many years. It is among one of her favourite online art stores as the quality of art for sale here is always of a very high standard. This Summer Jo has been delighted to have her art chosen as BEST OF JUNE! (See image bottom right). 

“I was thrilled when I received the email from Saatchi Art to inform me that my painting had been chosen by their chief curator to be in their top selection of art pieces for June 2019 from the world’s top emerging artists!”

This has been a real boost and has inspired Jo to produce a series of new paintings called Free Spirits to add to her wide collection of oil paintings and prints.

Upcoming events and exhibitions

These events are usually free and a wonderful way to spend time picking up ideas and inspiration and perhaps some art!

I will be exhibiting my art at the following venues…

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It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is necessary is invisible to the eye.

 The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

latest tweets

latest tweets from jo Sharpe

With the help of my talented friend suburban_bliss_home_styling I have had a few busy months updating my home. I want to show how original art ( and now cushions)! can enhance you home. I’m loving the results.… instagram.com/p/B32XIImnHqS/…

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