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Jo Sharpe is a community artist and runs art classes and workshops for children at local schools in Surrey and from her art studio at Oaks park. These clubs are called Budding Artists. They are for all ages and abilities.

Budding Artists

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Jo runs art classes for children in Surrey. Budding Artists is one of her most popular art classes. It’s an after school art club for children of all abilities who love drawing and painting. During each exciting lesson, pupils produce an artwork. Students will learn about and take inspiration from the great masters of art and learn to draw and paint and use a variety of different media. Projects often relate to seasonal events. You can book a Budding Artists Club for children in the next section below. We also offer Budding Artists parties for children which take place at my studio at the beautiful Oaks Park. 

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Jo runs Budding Artists which is an art after school club for primary aged children. The children are inspired by the great masters of art to produce a unique piece of art each week. Different techniques are taught each week building on previous weeks so that eventually the young students begin to fell confident in their abilities. These art clubs give children a change to also relax and express themselves which can be a welcome relief after a full day at school in a formal setting. Studies have shown that indeed art is good for children! Budding artist clubs take place after school and the workshops take place during the holidays and at weekends. Jo also offers budding artists parties which are a hit with local children.

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Jo was very friendly and she welcomed us into her new studio. The girls felt as if they were real artists when they used a variety of paints, pencils, pastels and crayons to create some unique pictures. Jo encouraged them to mix interesting colour combinations to create their own still life compositions. They were inspired by the pretty flowers on the table and the autumn scenery of the park that surrounded them.
Jo - mum to Grace
Lily loved the club, her drawings of cats are much improved and she told us that you also had a look at artists’ drawings. I am impressed, this club seems to be very well done, thank you!
Budding Artists
I love Budding Artists because it means that I can relax and draw with my friends after school. It makes me feel happy and I bring home lovely work to show to my mum
Henry De Maria
Budding Artists Y4
It's really fun, you do really interesting stuff and you learn about different art and artists.
Budding Artists
I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loves your class, her art has changed dramatically since joining art club
Budding Artists
Thanks again for a fabulous morning. The length of the session was just right, the activities adapted so well to a range of ages and abilities. and you were both fantastic with the kids. They loved it and I loved it!
Alice (Young Carers, Kingston)
CATS Club workshop

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