Blue free spirits silk scarf



Simply Stunning! This design for this scarf is from Jo’s free spirits print . A perfect gift for a ‘free spirited’ minded individual. This beautiful blue silk art scarf makes a great gift for Mothers day or all year round. Anyone who wears this, will feel rather special. It can be worn all year round and will bring adding colour and sophistication to most outfits. The scarf comes in a gift box with a postcard for authencity.

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Reasons to buy this blue free spirits scarf

It is:

Limited edition

artist designed

If you buy this you will be:

buying a really beautiful gift for the one you love

Supporting a local artist

Supporting small UK business


A beautiful blue free spirits silk scarf with an original design of Jo’s  free spirits print

Although I have been inspired by Nature all my life and it was the theme for my degree show, these scarfs are my latest creative project. It’s amazing how when you are in a creative whirl and  I have been due to ‘lockdown’ one idea just natural turns into another! Many of the designs for my scarfs are from my unique botanical prints. These are a series of digitally manipulated prints which show my love of nature as well as colour. Last year I tried out some of these designs as cushions and thought they looked great, and here I am now producing them as scarfs. This beautiful blue free spirits silk scarf was inspired by birds flying above my head on a walk.

Free Spirits Collection

Birds form a major part in Jo’s Free Spirits collection. The collection started with a scene on one of her walks.



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