Budding Artists – Adults


BUDDING ARTISTS  are art classes for adults of all abilities.  Jo believes that being creative is just the tonic everyone needs right now .. A ‘Beginners class’ starts every  autumn .  Jo plans lessons that are engaging and work through the formal elements of art. The Beginners course begins with building confidence with drawing and will move on to painting with water based paints. Each term several masters of art are looked at for inspiration and new techniques, subjects and mediums are introduced. The subject often links to the time of year.

The Intermediate classes are relaxed classes for those that are more confident in drawing and painting. Activities often relate to the time of year. The classes are on Monday and Friday mornings. Please get in touch if you are interested.


Jo runs Budding Artists classes and workshops for adults in various venues throughout Surrey. These friendly art groups have inspired many students to create wonderful pieces of art. These art classes are for all ages and abilities and a fun way to spend a few hours learning a new skill. Her classes take place at her studio in Oaks park . Jo Sharpe has a wonderful light and airy studio situated behind the cafe in Oaks park near the beautiful lavender fields. It is here that her students are inspired by nature all around them. Jo teaches a variety of art techniques to her students. She runs Beginners classes and Intermediate classes. She also runs Art in the Park workshops for those unable to commit to weekly sessions. So if you hear about Jo’s Budding Artists classes and workshops be sure to sign up to a session or two! As well as art workshops Jo sells her art, from her online store and from her art studio. 

Other info: Parking is available. Please park in the car park near the cafe ( 2 minute walk) rather than at the studios. Toilets are available to use at the cafe.

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Intermediate Jo's Studio (Mon 11.00-12.30pm), Intermediate Art lessons Jo's Studio (Fri 11-12.30pm), Beginners Jo's Studio (Mon 1.15-2.45pm) Autumn T1, Beginners art taster session, Zoom Beginners Taster session, Drawing in your lunchtime Tuesdays 1-2pm, Zoom art lessons – Tues 7-8.30pm, Zoom- Dunk and Draw Wednesdays 1-2pm, Intermediate art lessons Jo's Studio (Fri 1.15-2.45pm), Beginners Jo's Studio (Mon 1.15-2.45pm) Summer T3