Budding Artists - Adults


Budding Artists – Adults


BUDDING ARTISTS  are art classes for adults of all abilities . There is a class for beginners that takes place at The Woodcote Flying Club on Wednesdays in Wallington 11.30-1pm and an intermediate class that takes place on Fridays at Jo’s studio at 2-3.30pm term time only.  Throughout the term Jo plans lessons that are engaging and work through the formal elements of art.  Each term several masters of art are looked at for inspiration and new techniques, subjects and mediums are introduced. The subject often links to the time of year.


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Woodcote Flying Club (Weds 11.30-1pm), Jo's Studio (Fri 2-3.30 pm)


Fri 13th Sept-6th Dec 19 (12 lessons, 1 FOC), Fri 13th Sept-18th Oct 19 (6 lessons 10% dis), Fri 1st Nov-6th Dec 19 (6 lessons 10% dis), Wed 18th Sept-16th Oct 19 (5 lessons 10% dis), Wed 30th Oct-28th Nov 19 (5 lessons 10% dis)


Autumn 19, Spring 20, Summer 20, Autumn 20