decorative silver botanical art of some seedheads 80x80cm


This dazzling, bright silver painting of seedheads with purplish hue is 80×80, inspired by my love of nature and the change of seasons. It is fun to elevate the status of a common weed with luxurious metallic paints. It is hard to capture the brilliance of this painting . It really does add some glamour to a room. Feel free to get in touch to schedule a viewing at Studio 9.

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Jo Sharpe’s Contemporary Botanical Paintings

This decorative silver botanical art of some hogweed and other natural forms part of my botanical paintings range. These paintings have been developed over time using creativity, innovation, several artistic skills and the latest digital technology.

These paintings have developed from my botanical prints. This collection started  in 2016 with a series inspired by Cornish hedgerows. This series of digitally manipulated art prints are really beautiful and innovative and quite different from my paintings. Recently I decided to develop these by turning them into large paintings. Therefore, my contemporary botanical paintings are digitally manipulated photographs, that have been printed onto canvas and then hand painted. The paintings are hand painted with either acrylics or oils. Sometimes I hand paint over everything and other times I just paint the background. Often 3 coats of paint needs to be applied.

A co-ordinated range

These paintings are original works of art that alongside my Bespoke Art Cushions cushions look fantastic in interiors. Using my textile design skills I have created matching home furnishings. I have available cushions and lampshades to match this gorgeous painting that will make your home look interior designed. I love beautiful interiors and I am happy to accept special orders changing the size and colour to suit clients taste.

Queen Mary’s Woods

I gathered the seedheads for this decorative silver botanical art from Queen Mary’s Woods,  situated in Carshalton Beeches, in North Surrey .  They are particularly beautiful in the summer because Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers have planted many species of wild flowers and grasses. Queen Mary’s Woods have inspired several other artworks. These are for instance : Wild fauna in Queen Mary’s Woods and The deer in Queen Mary’s Woods. Why not read how I find my inspiration for my artworks in my blog ‘In many a walk.’