Morning has broken


This blackbird flying at sunrise over the country fields is one of my favourites from the collection. It is available in other colours and sizes.



Inspiration for Morning has broken

I created ‘morning has broken in January 2021. It was a sad time as my dad had died a few months earlier and my mum was very poorly in hospital with covid. I was unsure whether she would make it and was also unable to communicate with her as the nurses were so busy. I kept myself calm by painting. The title is a play on words – ‘Mourning has broken’ . I imagined my mum and dad being together and free to fly over and enjoy the Norfolk landscapes once again. This is how I like to think of them now.


Morning has broken is a significant artwork in Jo’s Free Spirits collection. This collection tells the tale of loss in Jo’s unique way. You can read more about this poignant collection in my blog: free-spirits-Art Collection – (

Loss in Lockdown

When South London artist Jo Sharpe and poet Rachel Sambrooks lost their fathers during lockdown, the restrictions on seeing them or attending a funeral were heartbreaking. They collaborated on a new project that explores their creative response  to grief and to form a memorial space for others.

The Free Spirits: Loss in Lockdown exhibition of art and poetry is a tribute to those close to us who died during a time of limited contact and absence. The exhibition will ran in April 2021 at Studio 9, The Old Stable Block, Oaks Park, Croydon Lane, Carshalton, Surrey, SM7 3BA.  It was also exhibited along with several other of Jo’s artworks in Norfolk and Norwich hospital.  Jo hopes her FreeSpirits collection will continue to be exhibited in significant spaces. You can view some of the exhibition via: (6) Free Spirits: Loss in Lockdown exhibition and community arts. | Facebook. 


I have quite a thing for seedheads. Since growing up in the Norfolk countryside, I have developed a real fondess and fascination for  flora found in verges and hedgerows. Dandelions, cowparsley, buttercups, poppies, hogweed etc. They all appear in my botanical collection.

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