Have fun with art!

Feeling low, take a creativity pill with only positive side effects!

Life can be so serious and stressful at times, we all need some fun and colour in our lives. So take some time out, do some art and switch off from those cares and worries. Creativity is proven to be good for our well-being. Counsellors are suggesting their clients go to creative classes to help make them feel better.

They are also such a great way to socialise, meet new people, learn and have fun in a relaxed environment.

So why not have fun trying something new or something you’ve not done in years. Have fun with family or friends or make new friends doing and creating something completely unique.

And for the price of a meal, you could go home with a great work of art, discover a new hobby and gain a lot of personal satisfaction.

But, be warned, you may become seriously addicted to art!

Art in the Park was started as an idea to give working people the chance to be creative for at least once a month, to let loose the creative right side of the brain and get a very natural high from the stimulus of making art.

Workshops are like mini tasters – you are not committing to a whole term and often you can have a drink at the same time! The workshops are now running from my very own studio in Oaks Park, so it’s a perfect inspirational location.


Our life-drawing parties are also great fun, the Prosecco flows along with your creativity whilst drawing the naked form. Ingrid provides the tutoring and laughs.

Special Art Parties

Do you want to have an extra-special private workshop or party, perhaps for a birthday or special fun celebration? I run special bespoke workshops or parties for you and your friends, or for your child and a group of friends. The cost for a 2 hour party is £180 for up to 12 children/10 adults.

Jo Sharpe is passionate about art and believes that anyone can draw. She runs regular art classes and workshops for children and adults.  Furthermore, Jo also runs art parties for children and adults. You can find out more about her parties here.