Churchill’s passion for painting

Last year my husband and I visited Churchill’s home Chartwell in Kent. It was great to see his studio, beautiful garden and house but what I enjoyed the most was seeing this quote demonstrating Churchill’s passion for painting:

When I die and go to heaven, I want to spend the first million years painting – so I can get to the bottom of the subject.


For all Churchill’s experience, talents and achievements, it seems painting was his greatest passion and journey he went on.

Churchills’ quotes on the joys and tribulations of painting

Below are more of his quotes where he sums up the challenge and joy and therapeutic nature of painting.

I know of nothing which, without exhausting the body, more entirely occupies the mind.

A heightened sense of the observation of nature is one of the chief delights that has come to me through trying to paint.


Armed with a paint-box, one cannot be bored, one cannot be left at a loose end, one cannot ‘have several days on one’s hands.’


If it weren’t for painting, I wouldn’t live; I couldn’t bear the extra strain of things.


Painting a picture is like fighting a battle; and trying to paint a picture is, I suppose, like trying to fight a battle. It is, if anything, more exciting than fighting it successfully.


Taking up art particularly painting as a hobby can take you on a really enjoyable, intriguing journey. I want to take as many people in my community as possible on this journey to hopefully develop the same passion for painting as Churchill’s. To join me, please get in touch regarding Budding Artist Art lessons for Beginners. These are starting soon either online or at Studio 9 Oaks Park, Woodmansterne, Surrey SM7 3BA.