Creating Community Art in Sutton

Family Hub banner Sutton
The Family Hub in Sutton Civic Library

Sutton's Family Hub Mural

I’m so pleased to tell you about my latest project creating community art in Sutton.

I won a contract to provide creative workshops with several community groups. The challenge to produce two large artworks for Sutton’s new Family Hub newly installed in Sutton’s Central Library.

The co-ordinator for the hub, Lorna JacquesSenior Public Health Strategist for Children, Sutton Council liked my idea of asking the participants to draw and paint mandalas. 

Why mandalas?

Mandalas are circular symbols that are part of many different cultures, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity. Some indigenous tribes use them as an artistic outlet to help people find themselves. There are benefits to drawing and colouring mandalas. They are said to be therapeutic to do as they are colourful, simply patterned and originate from a natural pattern.  To find out more about the 5 Benefits of Mandalas – Exploring your mindhttp://httpbenefits-of-mandalas/
I also feel mandalas look like cogs and when cogs are put together they can produce a healthy outcome.
Sutton Libraries Family hub creative workshops

The first workshop was with a group organised by Sutton library. Accompanied by my Budding Artists colleague Bahare Izadi , it was an enjoyable afternoon watching and helping the families work together. Everyone loved the idea and opportunity to take part. Some families produced beautiful mandala designs  by colouring them in and others enjoyed creating paper cut mandalas that we printed with.

I also worked with specially invited groups of children in Manor Park and Robin Hood Schools. Lorna really wanted the families that are likely to be in need of the hub’s support to feel part of the hub. Again, the children really enjoyed colouring in and designing the mandalas. They also got to take home some paper cut out mandalas using special cutters I ordered that relate to the activities the hub offers. 

Family Hubs

Family Hubs are local support centres where families with children and young people aged 0-19 can access a broad and integrated range of early help to overcome difficulties and build stronger relationships. 

The hub is a warm space in Sutton Library where individuals and families can access language classes, and support for refugees, support for families new to the area that need help, support with housing, mental health, special educational needs, employment, form filling and much more.

The deadline was tight in an already busy December but I managed it and am really pleased with the results. 
In a climate where the arts is being squeezed I am passionate about working as an artist in the community. Art can be a great tool for visual communication as well as making areas more attractive and good for wellbeing. I  also run private community art classes and workshops for children and adults.

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