Nature Hearts

Nature Hearts

A new Collection formed .

The more you do, the more it makes sense

My Nature hearts are the latest development in my botanicals collection. Yet these hearts of Nature have appeared in my work for many years. Above you can see my nature collages which formed part of my degree show, over thirty years ago! I can’t believe I’m still producing them, still developing the same intrinsic theme. but using new techniques.

My latest Nature heart paintings make a real statement and they are original one offs. This collection sits within my ‘Patterns in Nature‘ collection which is composed with original digitally manipulated botanical prints, original paintings, limited edition scarves and cushions.

The main component to the hearts are seasonal nature. The subject matter may be autumn leaves, meadows, grass.  Depending on the season, the colours may be change. I compliment the colours with an elegant metallic.  This is because I love metallics and how they change in the light. It is also a influence from one of my favourite artists Gustave Klimt. A painter who produced beautiful decorative pieces combining patterns with gold and paint.


Why Hearts?

The heart is a symbol I like to use in my work as firstly, as an artist my motto is ‘listen to your heart.’ You have to draw and paint what is important to you, rather than what your audience would like you to produce. It’s hard, as it does not always pay, but it is only when you follow your heart do you produce unique, authentic and meaningful work. 

Another reason for the heart is that it’s a great shape. As you know, I love shapes and patterns. By combining the heart shape with natural forms I can play with the positive/negative shape image this creates. The heart shape also leads your eye around the composition (it’s a bit like the spiral.)

I hope you enjoy looking at my new collection and that collectors will purchase these unique contemporary Nature hearts. This selection will naturally evolve and in years to come, I expect to have a variety of hearts for each month or season. I think they could make great personal gifts for engagements, weddings and anniversaries as well as being a symbolic reminder to always ‘Follow your heart.