Free Spirits Collection

Find out about Jo’s Free Spirits art collection which includes paintings, prints, cushions and  scarves inspired by birds and Norfolk countryside.

Free Spirits Collection

The Free Spirits collection of paintings and prints was first created by Jo in 2020 the year of the first pandemic lockdown. Many of the works were included in Free Spirits: Loss in Lockdown Exhibition of April 2021.

Both Jo Sharpe and poet Rachel Sambrooks lost their fathers during lockdown, the restrictions on seeing them or attending a funeral were heartbreaking. They collaborated on this original project exploring their own creative response to grief and to create a memorial space for others.

Jo’s original Free Spirits collection includes many works using birds as a metaphor for the free spirits during the pandemic lockdown. She has continued to work on this project as it is close to her heart.

Now this collection forms her Winter collection. It delves deeper into her internal and external landscapes of Norfolk and Surrey. Including a beautiful collection of Norfolk landscapes from her favourite walk where Jo grew up in Hethersett, and also a series of ‘Follow your heart’ prints. As a fan of ‘The little Prince’  Jo believes one should listen to their heart in order to find true happiness. 

Free Spirits Products

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