country path in spring


This painting showing a county path is one of Jo’s favourites.  It shows her love and skill to combine colour and pattern. It was inspired by a North Norfolk scene. She can remember taking a photo of the pathway and surrounding oil seed rape as a hare ran past startling her. The painting is framed and ready to hang.


country path in spring

A well worn country path in spring is one of Jo’s favourite things! She loves the pale umber pink colour and the stripes with the grassy green. She has started painting a few worn paths and is keen to build a collection of them.  Other favourite pathways include the corner of Oaks park, Carshalton where her studio is and Nonsuch park, Ewell, near Epsom in Surrey.

Spring is also a wonderful time in the countryside. Jo is particularly fond of the colour of oil seed rape  which starts appearing in the spring months. She likes to paint oil seed rape and cow parsley as can be seen here: Painting Yellow Rapeseed field with cow parsley print. 

Another reason for painting country paths in spring, is Jo believes one should try to follow ones pathway to fulfil ones dreams. She believes little steps in the right direction take you to where you want to be in life.